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What is the Coalition for the Future American Worker?

The Coalition for the Future American Worker (CFAW) is an umbrella organization of professional trade groups, population/environment organizations, and immigration reform groups. CFAW was formed to represent the interests of American workers and students in the formulation of immigration policy.

CFAW believes that American workers are the best, most creative, most productive and highly motivated in the world. Americans, in large numbers, have responded to the challenges set forth by the new global and technological economy. In the space of one generation, American workers have made the transition from the industrial economy of yesterday to create the most advanced and productive economy in the world.

American workers can meet any future challenges. CFAW believes that in the fast-paced economy of the future, American companies must commit to providing American workers and students with the training and opportunities they will need to continue to contribute to America's prosperity.

Corporations operating on U.S. soil continue seeking permission to import foreign workers even in this terrible economy. In the case of lower-skilled occupations, this importation removes the incentive for businesses to improve the productivity of the jobs and raise wages. Importation of higher-skilled workers tends to lead to discrimination against older American workers and slams the door of opportunity on many American students who otherwise would have a chance at those jobs if the corporations were willing to provide minor re-training. The importation of foreign workers is especially harmful to those Americans who are under-represented in the high-tech field: blacks, Hispanics, and women. But the labor-importing corporations are very well organized.

CFAW has been formed to help America understand the needs of American industry and commerce to ensure the best outcome for both workers and industry. The growing practice of seeking large numbers of workers abroad, rather than committing to the training and advancement of American workers, is ultimately harmful to both labor and industry. It is CFAW's goal to find solutions that will ensure that employers can gain access to workers they truly need, while protecting job opportunities for American workers and students and allowing them to advance their skills and maintain high wages.

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