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TV Ads Remind Us Our Government is Still Bringing in 1.5 Million Foreign Workers a Year Via Immigration to Take American Jobs

American Worker Asks Why We're Giving Jobs Away with 15 Million Americans out of Work

WASHINGTON, Aug. 6 -- Following a series of Talk Show appearances over the weekend where politicians claimed triumph over the country's ailing economy, CFAW (Coalition for the Future American Worker) launched a TV spot this week reminding the country that 15 million Americans are out of work but our government is still bringing in 1.5 million foreign workers a year via immigration to take American jobs.

CFAW points out that while the country's economic vital signs are improving, the signs for the American worker are still pointing down. Economists say more Americans are going to lose jobs over the next twelve months in what they're terming a "jobless recovery." Swift action needs to be taken to get middle class Americans working again so the recovery isn't just limited to the affluent with heavy positions in the stock market.

It's time to put politics aside and start creating jobs for the American worker. The first step is stopping the flow of 1.5 million legal foreign workers a year via immigration to take American jobs. The second step is to make sure all employers are using E-verify, especially any companies performing stimulus money work. The third step is re-instituting worksite enforcement of immigration laws. Enforcement of immigration laws at the worksite is opening up jobs for American workers. Fourth is getting control of our borders so America's most vulnerable workers can get American jobs instead of illegal foreign workers. The fifth step is stopping discussions of amnesty for illegal workers. Amnesty rewards illegal behavior, puts law breakers in front of those abiding by the law, incentivizes new illegal crossings and overstays, and makes it easier for illegal workers to compete for American jobs.

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